Clean air needed!

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Help! I’m surrounded by polluted air everywhere!
There is not a single area around me which isn’t filled with smoke, fog or dust particles. 80% of my colleagues being smokers doesn’t help, especially when they come into the office where its air-conditioned.
Should I carry an air purifier, it doesn’t really help the real problem. What else can I do?
My management are also smokerS…



•September 29, 2008 • 1 Comment

Now I know why so many Malaysians want to leave the country and work in Europe or US…are you in this category?

I’m just back from UK where employers now use a method of “Prevention through Design” – in other words, they look after our health as employees from the design stages, before the operations even start!

They ensure that the office meets Health and Safety standards of indoor air quality, hence lower risk of illness from spending too long in the office. If you have any issues with pack pain, repetitive strain injury, etc, they even provide orthopaedic chairs and mouse mats to make sure you are more comfortable at work! In other words…in UK, employers are willing to spend money on their employees because they understand that we are the company’s biggest assets!

When will this happen in Malaysia? Will our bosses ever take note and up the standards before we lose even more Malaysian talent to overseas?


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To all fellow Malaysians who spend most of their day in office – I’m sure you all feel this way…

Sit down – pain…Stand Up – pain…Walk around for a while – pain some more…!!!

When will it end???

Go to doctor – they only give painkillers and say rest (well, I’m not exactly stressing my body out sitting in the office all day Doc!)…Go to chiropractor – they take my body apart then tell me my spine is out of line so they need to put it back in place (man, I’ve never felt more pain than after THAT session!)…

Then someone told me to go see a Physiotherapist – I thought that was just for sports injuries?

Has anyone been to one? How is it?


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I have always suffered from mild asthma since a young age. After graduating I took up a telesales job which involves 8 hours in the office.

I have now been working for 2 months only and suddenly my asthma is getting worse – the doctor has increased my medication level to control it. I do notice that it is particularly worse when the air-conditioning is on.

Do I have any grounds to make a complaint to management?

I do enjoy the job and don’t want to quit – but if I can’t breathe properly, then is it worth it?


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I think I have an allergy to work!

Every time I go to office, I get a headache, my nose feels stuffy, my throat feels itchy, and rashes suddenly appear on my arms…

My boss told me to get on with it…my friends told me to see a doctor…but as soon as I get some fresh air, I feel better already…

Somebody mentioned something called Sick Building Syndrome to me recently…how can a building be “sick”?


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Does work make you sick?

As an employer, I am sick and tired of sickness and medical leave affecting my team’s productivity and morale.

As an employee, I am sick and tired of feeling down like the weather – but the worst part is, my boss thinks I am acting!

Where do you stand?